Funai DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

Hey, I hope you are doing well. Are you searching for  Funai DVD Player Universal Remote Codes? Many people have found the Funai DVD to be the ideal option for their favourite kind of home entertainment. This item is not only a good option, but it further enhances the system in your home theater. The Funai DVD remote, if you have one, is a terrific method to control a variety of devices in the living room. By doing this, the space won’t become cluttered from utilizing several remote controllers.

The Universal Funai DVD remote codes make setting up your remote easy. This page will give you the necessary Funai DVD player remote codes as well as help with setting up your device.

List of Funai Universal Remote Codes for DVD

You may find a complete list of Funai DVD universal remote codes in this post. The Funai DVD player may be controlled by any of the codes we have provided below. The Funai DVD remote will work perfectly once you enter the right code for the device you want to program. The full list of Funai DVD universal remote codes is shown below:

Funai DVD Player Universal 3 Digit Remote Codes

658, 829, 570, 764, 661, 674, 617, 619, 631, 679, 588, 456, 458, 377, 060

Funai DVD Player Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

0695, 0675, 1334, 0456, 0458, 0899, 0445, 0795, 3745, 3815, 3855, 0412, 1268, 0722, 2018, 2054, 2129, 2436, 2447, 2002, 2321, 2327, 3377, 3387, 3457, 0247, 0447, 0591, 6022, 6042, 6088, 6167, 6168, 3323, 3142, 3440

Funai DVD Player Universal 5 Digit Remote Codes

  • 20675
  • 21268
  • 21334
  • 30675
  • 54408
  • 57904
  • 57439
  • 58135
  • 58537
  • 58445
  • 24100

GE Universal Remote Codes For Funai DVD Player

  • 0456
  • 0458

How to Program Funai DVD Universal Remote

Programming the Funai DVD remote is one method to feel at ease when using a variety of home entertainment systems. We will guide you through the whole setup procedure. This includes simple measures for which you won’t need an expert’s help. The simple procedures for setting up the remote are as follows:

How to Program Funai DVD Universal Remote Without Codes

All universal remote control codes are scanned in the remote during the auto-search procedure. To program the control, it scans one code at a time to find the correct remote code that works with your remote. Follow the instructions below:

  • “Turn on” the smart device you want to use the universal remote to control, such as the TV.
  • To “turn on” a device, press and hold the TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL buttons for 3 seconds. The device is ready to program, according to the LED light.
  • Use the remote to choose the “CH+” and “CH-” switches.
  • On/off indications are displayed on the remote. Continuously press the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  • Click the “power” key to confirm the code. It should start up. If it does, check a different channel to ensure the remote is programmed properly.
  • To store the code, press the “device” button now. The device’s LED will flash twice to verify the code that was saved.

How to Program Funai DVD Universal Remote With Manual Method

The universal remote may be easily programmed using the keycode, which also helps to identify the make and model of your device

  •  You must “Turn The Device On”.
  • Press the “TV” button on your “Funai DVD universal remote”
  • As soon as the universal remote displays the “Light Flash” (a sign that it is in “Learning mode”), push and hold the “Setup button” for a few seconds.
  • Finally, enter the “Keycode” that you received from the Instructions Booklet for programming.
  • Simply “point your remote at the TV” after completing this step, and then press the Hold The Power” button.
  • When the screen switches off, you can release the “Power Button.”

That’s all there is to it; your TV should now work perfectly with the universal remote control. If not, try repeating the process with a new code from the same section of the reference table.

You can put your universal remote in search mode and look for the right key code if you are unable to find it at the time. The remote control is forced into search mode by a code in the instructions.

  • “Turn The Device On” first.
  • Hold down the “Setup” button for a moment.
  • Enter the “9-9-1” (three-digit) code after which you must continue to hold down the “Power Button” on the remote control while pressing the Channel up button until the device, in this case, your TV, “Turns Off.”

Finding your key code may take a little more time using the above-mentioned method, but it is essential. Your remote should function properly for all in-room operations once you have completed the above steps.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Code Search: If you can’t find the correct code, use the code search feature on your universal remote. Follow the instructions in your remote’s manual to initiate the search process.
  2. Remote Mode: Make sure your universal remote is set to the correct mode (e.g., DVD mode) before attempting to control your Funai DVD player.
  3. Observe Indicator Lights: Watch for indicator lights on your DVD player when pressing remote buttons. If they don’t respond, it could indicate a connection issue.
  4. Reset Remote: If the remote is still unresponsive, try resetting it to its default settings. Consult your remote’s manual for instructions on how to perform a reset.
  5. Contact Support: If all else fails, contact Funai customer support or the manufacturer of your universal remote for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting guidance or suggest alternative solutions.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you can enhance your experience with Funai DVD player universal remote codes and enjoy seamless control over your entertainment system.


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How to program a universal remote to a DVD player without codes?

In programming your universal remote without a code, you’ll need to: Hold down the SET and Zero (0) buttons on your universal remote four times at the same time. This step is crucial, and this part is where most people fail. You’ll then notice the LED light indicator (usually red) turns on steadily.

Where is the code search button on a universal remote?

Press and hold the Code Search button until the light turns on. This button is usually at the top of the remote. When the light comes on, you can let go of the button.

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