GE Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu-Ray Player | Updated 2023

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sony Blu-Ray Player

Do you need the Sony Blu-ray player’s GE remote codes? Your search has ended. This guide will show you how to set up a Sony Blu-ray player with a GE universal remote control. You can program many devices with a single universal remote, use it to control their functions and enjoy seamless entertainment.

Without knowing the universal remote codes for a specific device and remote, you cannot program a GE remote. The device and the remote control are mapped using these remote codes. When you touch a key on the universal remote after configuring it, the device will respond.

Below, you’ll find updated information on how to program GE universal remote controls, a list of universal remote codes for different remote controls, and general electric universal remote codes for the Sony DVD player we gave. As a result, you need to program the remote control after choosing a working code from the list for your Blu-ray player.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu-Ray Player List

We have updated a variety of GE remote control codes, including cl4, cl3, and cl5, for all popular remote brands and kinds, allowing you to select a working code from which to remotely program the device. You can also acquire GE universal remote codes for LG smart TVs from this page. To find out what sort of code is used to program the device, first, consult the user manual for your universal remote control.

  • 4275
  • 4165
  • 2305

For a single brand of remote, we have introduced many remote codes, including 4-digit, 3-digit, and 5-digit codes. It also functions with Sony Bravia universal remote codes. Therefore, you may choose any code and carefully follow the programming instructions until the remote starts working as desired.

How to Program GE Universal Remote to Sony Blu-Ray Player

There are several programming techniques for GE universal remote controls that are simple to use and only require a few steps. Entering a Sony Blu-ray code for a GE universal remote is the most important step. Here are the codes if you have a GE universal remote control and a Vizio TV. You should try again with a different code if the one you provided is incorrect or invalid.

  • The first step is to “turn on” the device you want to program.
  • Search for the universal remote codes that are suitable for your Sony Blu-ray player.
  • Release the “Setup key” after pressing it once the red indicator light appears.
  • On the remote, press and hold the device key.
  • Using the numeric keys, start selecting the first code from the list of codes.
  • Aim your remote control towards the Blu-ray player you are programming, then press various buttons to see if the player reacts as expected.
  • For each device you want to program the GE universal remote for, follow the same procedure.

If you’re having difficulties setting up the remote, check the included instruction booklet for further information.

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips for GE Universal Remote Codes with a Sony Blu-Ray Player:

  1. Code Accuracy: Verify you’ve entered the correct GE universal remote code for your Sony Blu-Ray player. Even a single-digit error can disrupt functionality.
  2. Fresh Batteries: Ensure the remote has new or fully charged batteries. Weak batteries can lead to intermittent issues or unresponsiveness.
  3. Point and Aim: Direct the remote at the Blu-Ray player’s sensor without obstructions. Maintain the correct angle and line of sight for optimal performance.
  4. Proximity: Stay within a reasonable range, typically 3-10 feet, from the Blu-Ray player to maintain a strong signal.
  5. Code Compatibility: Check if the GE remote code is compatible with your specific Sony Blu-Ray player model. Refer to the Blu-Ray player’s manual or GE’s code lists for compatibility.
  6. Mode Selection: Ensure the universal remote is set to the correct mode, often labelled as “DVD” or “Blu-Ray” for Sony devices.
  7. Code Search: If you can’t find the correct code, utilize the code search function on your GE remote. Follow the instructions in your remote’s manual to initiate the search.
  8. Remote Reset: If the remote remains unresponsive, consider resetting it to its default settings. Consult the remote’s manual for instructions on performing a reset.
  9. Sony Blu-Ray Player Settings: Check your Sony Blu-Ray player’s settings menu to confirm it’s configured to accept remote control commands and hasn’t been inadvertently set to block them.
  10. IR Sensor Inspection: Examine the Blu-Ray player’s IR sensor for obstructions, dust, or damage. Cleaning it gently with a lint-free cloth may improve responsiveness.
  11. Alternative Remotes: If available, test another universal remote to determine if the issue persists. This can help identify whether the problem lies with the remote or the Blu-Ray player.
  12. Contact Support: If all else fails, reach out to GE’s customer support or Sony’s support for your Blu-Ray player for specialized troubleshooting guidance or alternative solutions.

These troubleshooting tips should help you address issues with GE universal remote codes for your Sony Blu-Ray player and ensure a smooth and responsive remote control experience.


All of the above refers to utilizing the direct code entry technique for cl4 remote codes to program a GE universal remote control with a Sony Blu-ray player. , click here. To help us continue to develop, kindly send us your comments and recommendations about this post. Additionally, you may contribute any new universal codes you have in the comment sections, where we accept new codes.

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