Philips Universal Remote Codes For Hisense TV | Updated 2023

Philips Universal Remote Codes For Hisense TV

In the ever-evolving world of home entertainment, convenience is key. Imagine having the power to control not just your television, but an entire universe of entertainment devices with a single, user-friendly remote control. That’s precisely where the Philips Universal Remote steps into the spotlight, offering a seamless solution for Hisense TV owners. No more toggling between remotes or struggling with complicated setups.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the realm of Philips Universal Remote codes for Hisense TVs, providing you with step-by-step guidance to unlock the full potential of your home theatre system. Say farewell to remote control chaos, and say hello to a simplified, streamlined, and altogether more enjoyable television experience.

The list of Hisense-compatible remote control code numbers is extensive. For every device, we have given numerous codes. You can try another code if the first one doesn’t work. The code will typically have 4 digits.

Hisense is among the top TV brands. The remote control is typically included with a Hisense TV. However, you can use a universal remote to control the television if you misplace your Hisense TV remote or it is damaged.

This guide will help you program your Hisense TV using the Philips Universal remote controls described below.

Hisense TV 3 Digit Universal Remote Codes

  • 759

4 Digit Universal Remote Codes for Hisense TV

  • 0780
  • 1170
  • 0821
  • 0753
  • 0748
  • 0696
  • 0508
  • 0227
  • 0156
  • 0145
  • 0009
  • 0208
  • 0848
  • 0216
  • 0182
  • 0073

5 Digits Universal Remote Codes for Hisense TV

  • 12183
  • 11758
  • 10748

Philips Universal Remote Codes for Hisense TV

  • 0908
  • 0223
  • 0819

How to Program Hisense TV Universal Remote Without Codes

All Hisense TV Universal remote Codes are scanned by the remote when using the auto-search mode. To set up the remote control, it scans one code at a time to determine the right remote code that will operate with your remote. The steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the smart device you want to use as a universal remote, such as a TV.
  • Press the appropriate button on the remote control (TV DVD, CBL, OK/SEL) for 3 seconds to “turn on” the device. The device will be ready to be programmed when the LED light turns on.
  • Click on the “CH+” and “CH+” switches after pointing the remote toward the device. Signals that are off and on will be displayed on the remote. The device can be turned off by continuously pressing the “up” or “down” key.
  • Press the “power” key to verify the code. The device will be powered on. If it does, try switching channels to make sure the remote has been programmed correctly. 
  • To store the code, select “device” from the menu. To verify that the code was saved, the LED on the device will blink twice.

How to Program Hisense TV Universal Remote With Manual Method

The key code can be used to create a universal remote quickly, and it will identify the device’s manufacturer and model.

  • At first, “turn the device on.”
  • On your “One For All universal remote,” select “TV.” 
  • Then, press and hold the “Setup button” on the universal remote control until “Light Flash” (which indicates the device’s “Learning mode”) displays.
  • Enter the “Keycode” you found in the table above.
  • Simply “point the remote towards the television” and then “Press and Hold the Power” button to finish the process.
  • You can let go of the “Power Button” when the screen is off.

This is it; the universal remote will now operate your television flawlessly. If your device doesn’t respond to the remote control, try again after. Try repeating the process with a new code that is in the same section of the table referenced if your device isn’t responding to remote commands.

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You can switch your universal remote to search mode to find the correct code if you are currently unable to find the one that activates the device. This manual code forces the remote control to activate the search mode.

  • “Turn The Device On” first, then press and hold the “Setup” button. 
  • You must enter the three-digit “9-9-1” code.
  • You can switch your universal remote to search mode to find the correct code if you are currently unable to find the one that activates the device. This manual code forces the remote control to activate the search mode.
  • Hold down the remote’s “Power Button” at that point. Press the Channel again when your TV “Turns off”. 

However, the process mentioned above may take a while, it is essential to find your code. Your remote should work properly once you have finished the previous instructions.


We sincerely hope that our information on the universal remote codes and program instructions for Hisense TV was useful. Please feel free to contact us in the comments section below if you require any extra help. We’ll be glad to help in any way we can. Thanks for reading!


Can I use my Hisense Smart TV with a universal remote?

Compatible with All Hisense TV Remotes…
There is no setup required for the Universal for All Hisense-TV-Remote for All Hisense 4K LED HD UHD Smart TVs. Amazon’s Choice features highly regarded, affordably priced items that can be delivered right now.

Does the Hisense TV include a phone remote?

The app is strongly advised if you wish to use your phone as a Hisense roku remote replacement since your regular smart tv remote has broken or run out of batteries. All you have to do is choose your TV model from the list and adhere to the instructions.

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