Programming Sanyo Universal Remote Codes

Hello! How are you? Are you looking for Sanyo Universal Remote Codes? Do you want to know how to program your Sanyo Universal Remote with all of your devices? then you will get answers to all your questions here. Because we have collected all the 3-digits and 4-digits Codes for Sanyo Universal Remote Control.

And we have also mentioned different ways to program your Sanyou Universal Remote with any device including TVs, Blu-rays, Soundbars, cable boxes, and many more. Moreover, we assure you that all of these codes are tested because our team has used the remote for hundreds of hours. So, get the right code for any device now!

Sanyo Universal Remote Codes For All Devices

As you already know there are many brands of universal remotes so if you want remote codes for another brand. Then, you can check Remote Code List Here.

Back to Sanyo, Its remote is a perfect solution for you if you are frustrated by using multiple remotes for different entertainment devices. So, if you have spent money to buy a universal remote. Now, is the perfect time to program it and control your devices with a single remote.

Sanyo Universal Remote Codes List

Sanyo Universal 4-Digits Remote Codes

Brand NameCode
SANYO0049, 0097, 0110, 0004, 0268, 0012, 0108, 0180

Sanyo Universal 3-Digits Remote Codes

Brand NameCode
SANYO054, 069, 023, 025, 108, 110, 180, 209, 004, 013, 049

Sanyo Universal Remote Codes For SoundBars

You can program your Sanyo universal remote control to a Sound Bar. You can use the following 3 and 5-digit remote codes.

Sanyo Soundbar 3-Digit Remote Control Codes

  • 590
  • 611
  • 627
  • 661
  • 683

Sanyo Soundbar 5-Digit Remote Control Codes

  • 10154
  • 10159
  • 10051
  • 10250
  • 20000
  • 20035
  • 30189
  • 30531
  • 20081
  • 20047
  • 20593
  • 20039
  • 20149
  • 21593
  • 21781

Sanyo DVD Player 4-Digit Remote Control Codes


How to Program Sanyo Universal Remote With MY Device?

You must need to know how to program your universal remote in order to use the remote with any device. Don’t worry just walk through the process of configuring a device using a universal remote control. Check out those above codes first before starting to program the Sanyo Universal Remote Control!

Program Sanyo Universal Remote With Codes

  1. Turn your device On.
  2. Find the SETUP key. You can easily locate it in the upper right corner of your remote.
  3. Press TV or the device you are dealing with. The LED light indicates the device is ready to program.
  4. Now, it will ask you to enter the code of your device.
  5. Enter the code that you have found from the above-mentioned list.
  6. Verify the code by clicking on the power key. The device should turn on.
  7. It is done. Enjoy!
  1. First of all, turn the device On.
  2. Now press and hold the Setup button
  3. Enter the three-digit code.
  4. Now hold down the Power Button on the remote.
  5. Then channel up them until the device turns off.
  6. Now, you are done with it.

Program Sanyo Universal Remote With Manual Method

  1. In this method also you need to turn the device On first.
  2. Press the device button on your universal remote.
  3. Now press and hold the Setup button of the remote until its Light starts to flash.
  4. Finally, enter the Keycode which you collected from the Instructions Booklet.
  5. Once you have done this process, just point your remote at your device and then Press And Hold The Power button.
  6. Your device is ready to use with the Universal Remote.

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