Universal Remote Codes For Amazon Fire Stick

In the ever-expanding world of streaming entertainment, Amazon’s Fire Stick has emerged as a popular choice for accessing a multitude of content at your fingertips. While the Fire Stick comes with its own remote, many of us prefer the convenience of a universal remote to streamline our entertainment experience. Whether you’ve lost your original Fire Stick remote, want to consolidate multiple remotes into one, or simply seek a more user-friendly alternative, this blog is your comprehensive guide to finding the universal remote codes that will seamlessly sync with your Amazon Fire Stick.

Say goodbye to juggling remotes and hello to an easier, more enjoyable streaming journey. Let’s dive into the world of universal remote codes for your Fire Stick and unlock the full potential of your entertainment center.

Remote codes of the Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV universal remote for all TV brands is different:

  • Haier- 00639
  • Hisense- 00551
  • JVC- 29247
  • LG- 00516, 00683
  • Panasonic- 47149
  • Philips- 63428
  • Sanyo- 00279
  • Sharp- 43500
  • Sony- 14917
  • TCL- 00629, 00492
  • Vizio- 00344
  • Samsung- 00521
  • Insignia- 00545
  • Toshiba- 52389

There are a few steps to do in order to set up the Amazon Fire TV Universal Remote.

Step 1

 After programming the TV device code, press the mode button on the TV using the Smart Hub.

Step 2

The LED should flicker twice after pressing the SET button.

Step 3

 Push the SET button after pressing the 9-9-4 button. Pull back on the SET button.

Step 4

  Enter the universal remote and press the DISPLAY button. Once more, the LED will blink twice.

The user will be able to access the TV thanks to it easily.

Instructions for setting up Amazon Firestick Universal Remote control codes

The remote for the Amazon Fire Stick TV may be used on many devices, doing away with the need for separate remotes for each one. All of the components and devices can be controlled via the remote. You must program and set up the Amazon Fire TV universal remote control with each device in your home before you can use it.

Step 1:Switch the device to setup mode

On the Amazon Fire TV remote, find the Setup button. Press and hold the button until the red light flashes. The remote can now be configured after the Setup button has been released.

Step 2:Select the device type

You should press and then let go of the TV button.

Step 3 : From the list of devices, enter the universal remote code

Above is a list of the remote codes. Until the red light turns off, enter the universal code.

Step 4:Verify and confirm the results

Then switch the device on and off while aiming the universal remote in its direction. If the device answers, it is ready to be used; if not, try setting it up with different codes.

Step 5:Setting other devices

For the other devices, use the same procedures as above.

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Troubleshooting Amazon Fire TV Remote

Devices can experience a variety of problems, including frozen screens, app failures, and the inability to read material on the screens.

The Amazon Fire Stick can usually be restarted to resolve problems. Please unplug the device for about three seconds before plugging it back in.

Restarting the Amazon Fire TV is possible with the remote. Simply hold down the play and choose buttons continuously until the Amazon Fire TV device restarts.

Video without sound First, check to see whether the video is not muted.

  • Second, ensure sure the AV player is turned on if the Amazon device is connected to one.
  • Go to settings, display, and sound, then select Dolby Digital.
  • Make sure that Dolby Digital Plus is turned off by going to Settings> Display and Sound> Dolby Digital Output.
  • If it doesn’t work, disconnect all the cords and try using a different HDMI cable.


Apart from being inexpensive, the Amazon Fire Stick TV remote online offers great voice command functionality that easily controls your TV. The remote is easy to use and controls the various apps and multiple devices quite simply. This device is packed with quick and fast performance, and the feature of Amazon Alexa is quite useful.

Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering issues with your universal remote and Amazon Fire Stick setup can be frustrating, but fear not—here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get back to smooth streaming:

  1. Check Battery: Ensure your remote’s batteries are properly inserted and have sufficient power.
  2. Line of Sight: Make sure there’s a clear line of sight between the remote and the Fire Stick to ensure signals are transmitted accurately.
  3. Reposition of Fire Stick: Sometimes, changing the position or placement of your Fire Stick can improve its reception of remote signals.
  4. Pairing: If you’ve recently replaced your remote, ensure it’s properly paired with the Fire Stick using the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Reset Remote: Try resetting your universal remote to its default settings and then reprogram it with the correct codes.
  6. Code Accuracy: Double-check if you’ve entered the correct universal remote codes for your Fire Stick. Mistyped or incorrect codes can prevent proper functioning.
  7. Interference: Nearby electronic devices can interfere with remote signals. Keep devices like routers, smartphones, and microwave ovens away from your streaming setup.
  8. Software Updates: Ensure both your Fire Stick and universal remote are running the latest firmware/software updates. Outdated software can cause compatibility issues.
  9. Obstructions: Remove any obstacles that might be blocking the signals between the remote and the Fire Stick.
  10. Replace Batteries: If your remote is still unresponsive, try replacing the batteries with new ones.
  11. Factory Reset: As a last resort, consider a factory reset on your Fire Stick, following Amazon’s instructions. Remember, this will erase all settings, so back up your data if possible.
  12. Contact Support: If all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer’s customer support for assistance or consult online forums where others might have faced and resolved similar issues.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you’ll be better equipped to identify and address the issues affecting your universal remote and Amazon Fire Stick setup. Remember, patience and persistence often lead to successful solutions

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