Universal Remote Control Codes For Avera TVs

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Universal Remote Control Codes for Avera TVs! Are you tired of juggling multiple remotes to control your Avera TV and other devices? Look no further! Avera has your back with a convenient solution. Not only can you use the provided remote control, but you can also program your universal remote from your cable or satellite service to handle your Avera TV effortlessly.

As an American company known for its affordable and advanced electrical products, Avera has garnered a strong reputation, especially with its Smart TVs and Soundbars, setting a standard in the United States. Like all top brands, Avera TVs and speakers are equipped with their own remotes to operate various functions.

But what happens when you misplace your remote or it suddenly stops working? No need to fret! The Avera TV universal remote comes to the rescue, offering a seamless replacement and ensuring you never miss out on your favourite shows and entertainment.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the process of programming your universal remote control with Avera TV codes. You’ll find a list of service providers and remote controls to make the setup a breeze. And for those in need of instructions, don’t worry – your cable or satellite provider has got your back.

Avera TV Universal Remote Codes And Programming

The list of universal remote controls for Avera TV is provided below. All of the keycodes are up to date and work on remotes perfectly. You must carefully follow the instructions in order for them to work. You can easily use the remote once you’ve programmed it.

Avera TV Universal Remote Codes List

  • RCA Universal        0030
  • Dish Network         0030
  • Optimum                004
  • AT&T (U-Verse)     1043
  • Comcast                 10030
  • Direct TV                12397, 10030
  • Sanyo                      363

Codes Avera Universal Remote 3 Digit

  • 840
  • 929
  • 174
  • 046
  • 021
  • 000

Avera Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 0174
  • 0151
  • 1317
  • 1361
  • 1100
  • 0019
  • 1174
  • 0046
  • 5279
  • 1126
  • 1091

Avera Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

  • 10046
  • 11508

One-For-All Universal Remote Codes for Avera TV

  • 2397
  • 2049

GE Universal Remote Code for Avera TV

  • 174
  • 0174
  • 5279
  • 0151

Program Universal Remote to Avera TV With Code

It is simple to manually program the remote control using key codes. Make sure before applying the code because every makes and model has a different code.

  • Turn on your Avera TV.
  • To start programming, aim your remote control at the appliance and hit the TV button.
  • Continue holding the “Setup Button” until the remote’s little light goes ON. It indicates that the remote learning mode is on.
  • Enter the code from the user manual or pick one from the list of codes above.
  • Now Press the POWER button. If your television turns off, your remote control has been programmed if not, you must repeat the previous procedures using a different code than the entered code.
  • The key to using this way of configuring a universal remote is entering the correct code. If the provided instructions do not work with your remote, visit our page on how to pair a universal remote with codes.

Avera Universal Remote Without Codes

All universal remote control codes are scanned in the remote during the auto-search procedure. To program the control, it scans one code at a time to determine the correct remote code that works with your remote. Observe the directions below:

  • Turn on the smart device you want to use the universal remote to control, such as the TV.
  • To “turn on” a device, press and hold the TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL buttons for three seconds. The device is prepared to program, according to the LED light.
  • Use the remote to select the “CH+” and “CH-” switches. On/off indications are displayed on the remote. Continuously press the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  • Click the “power” key to confirm the code. The system should start up. If it does, try a different channel to make sure the remote is configured properly.
  • To store the code, press the “device” button now. The device’s LED will flash twice to verify the code that was stored

Avera Universal Remote With Manual Method

  • You must “Turn The Device On” first.
  • Put the “Avera universal remote” into “TV” mode.
  • As soon as the universal remote displays the “Light Flash” (a sign that it is in “Learning mode”), push and hold the “Setup button” for a few seconds.
  • Finally, enter the “Keycode” that you have obtained from the Instructions Booklet for programming.
  • Simply “point your remote at the TV” after completing this step, and then “Press and Hold The Power” button.
  • When the screen dims, you can let go of the “Power Button”

That’s it; the universal remote control will now perfectly operate your TV. That’s all there is to it; your TV should now operate perfectly with the universal remote control. If not, try repeating the process with a new code from the same section of the reference table.

Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering issues while programming your universal remote for Avera TVs can be frustrating, but fear not! Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve common problems and get your remote up and running smoothly:

  1. Check Remote Batteries: Ensure the batteries in your universal remote are fresh and properly inserted. Weak or depleted batteries can hinder proper communication with your Avera TV.
  2. Verify Compatibility: Confirm that your universal remote is compatible with Avera TVs. Check the remote’s manual or manufacturer’s website for a list of compatible brands and models.
  3. Correct TV Code: If you’re using specific TV codes to program the remote, double-check that you entered the correct code for your Avera TV model. Using the wrong code will prevent the remote from working.
  4. Clear Obstructions: Make sure there are no objects obstructing the line of sight between the remote and your TV. Obstructions can interfere with the remote’s signals.
  5. Re-Program Remote: If the initial programming attempt fails, try reprogramming the remote using the correct TV code. Sometimes, a minor error during the first attempt can cause issues.
  6. Try Alternate Codes: If the first TV code doesn’t work, don’t give up. Many universal remotes provide multiple codes for each brand. Try other codes listed for Avera TVs to find the right one.
  7. Reset the Remote: If your universal remote has a reset option, try performing a factory reset to clear any previous settings that might be causing conflicts.


It’s safe to say that this site is the finest place to find all Avera universal remote codes. All you have to do is verify the name of your device to obtain the appropriate code, which may be a four- or five-digit universal remote code. You can work easily now.


How do I program my universal remote with Avera TV codes?

Programming your universal remote is usually a simple process. Refer to the instructions in your remote’s manual to enter the correct TV code for your Avera TV model. Alternatively, you can use the code search method to find the right code.

Where can I find the TV codes for my Avera TV?

The TV codes for Avera TVs are typically provided in the user manual that comes with your universal remote. You can also check the remote manufacturer’s website or contact their customer support for a list of compatible TV codes.

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