Axess DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

In the world of home entertainment, convenience is key. And what could be more convenient than controlling your Axess DVD player with a universal remote? Whether you’ve lost your original remote, are tired of juggling multiple remotes, or simply want to streamline your entertainment setup, universal remotes offer a simple and elegant solution. However, finding the right remote codes to sync your Axess DVD player with your universal remote can sometimes be a puzzle.

But fret not, because in this blog, we’re going to unlock the secrets of Axess DVD player universal remote codes. We’ll guide you through the process, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite movies and shows without the hassle of multiple remotes. Let’s dive into the world of convenience and control!

Axess DVD Universal Remote Codes List

When trying to program the remote to work with other devices, the Axess Disc codes are important. To make DVD player programming simple for you, we have created an extensive list of Axess DVD player codes from a wide range of brands and types. If the code you’ve chosen doesn’t initially work, try again and again until you get it.

Below is the complete list of universal Axess DVD remote codes:

  • 0049
  • 0101
  • 0131
  • 0152
  • 0161
  • 0181
  • 0193
  • 1005
  • 1053
  • 1110
  • 1113
  • 1476

How to Program Axess DVD Universal Remote

If you don’t know how to program your Axess DVD remote, this page will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do so. You don’t need the help of a professional because the processes are simple to follow. Check to see that the equipment you want to program with your remote control is in excellent working order.

Below are several methods for programming the Axess DVD universal remote:

All universal remote control codes are scanned into the remote during the auto-search procedure. To program the control, it scans one code at a time to find the right remote code that works with your remote. Follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on the smart device you wish to use the universal remote to control, such as the TV.
  • To “turn on” a device, press and hold the TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL buttons for three seconds. The device is ready to program, according to the LED light.
  • Use the remote to choose the “CH+” and “CH-“ switches.
  • On/off indications are displayed on the remote. Continuously press the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  • Click the “power” key to confirm the code. It should start up. If it does, check a different channel to make sure the remote is programmed properly.
  • To store the code, press the “device” button now. The device’s LED will flash twice to verify the code that was saved.

How to Program Axess DVD Universal Remote With Manual Method

The universal remote may be readily programmed using the keycode, which also serves to identify the make and model of your equipment.

  • You must first “Turn The Device On.”
  • On your “Axess DVD universal remote,” choose “TV.”
  • In order to put the universal remote in “learning mode,” press and hold the “Setup button” until it flashes a light.
  • At last, key in the “Keycode” you collected from the programming manual (Instructions Booklet)
  • Just “point your remote at the TV” after completing this step, and then press Hold The Power” button.
  • When the screen switches off, you can release the “Power Button.”

That’s all there is to it; your TV should now work perfectly with the universal remote control. If not, try repeating the process with a new code from the same section of the reference table.

You can put your universal remote in search mode and look for the right key code if you are unable to find it at that moment. The remote control is forced into search mode by a code in the instructions.

  • “Turn The Device On” first.
  • Hold down the “Setup” button for a moment.
  • Enter the “9-9-1” (three-digit) code, after which you must continue to hold down the “Power Button” on the remote control while pressing the Channel Up button until the device, in this case, your TV, “Turns Off.”

Finding your key code may take a little more time using the above method, but it is very important. Your remote should function properly for all in-room functions once you have completed the above steps.


Have you tried any of the above-mentioned codes on your device? We’re happy to hear your opinions and support other readers going through similar things. But, if you are experiencing trouble configuring your remote using one of the above codes, we are here to help. Just enter your feedback in the space provided here.

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips for Axess DVD Player:

  1. Power Issues: Ensure the player is plugged in and the outlet is working. Check the batteries in the remote.
  2. No Disc Playback: Clean the disc and make sure it’s compatible with the player. Update the firmware if needed.
  3. Remote Problems: Replace the remote batteries. Check for obstructions between the remote and the player sensor.
  4. No Audio/Video: Verify proper connections between the player and TV. Try different cables if necessary.
  5. Freezing or Skipping: Clean the disc surface. Check for scratches. Clean the player’s lens with a DVD lens cleaner.
  6. Playback Distortion: Ensure the player’s firmware is up-to-date. Check if the issue occurs with multiple discs.
  7. Remote Not Responding: Reprogram the remote with the correct codes. Ensure a line of sight with the player.
  8. Slow Loading: Clean the disc. Ensure good ventilation around the player. Consider a firmware update.
  9. Subtitles/Captions Issues: Check the disc menu settings for subtitle preferences. Ensure that subtitle formats are supported.
  10. Network Connectivity Problems: Check for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. Reboot router. Update network settings if needed.


Can you use a universal remote for a DVD?

A universal remote control may be used with DVD players made by different manufacturers, including Sony, LG, Samsung, and others. It also functions with TVs, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and other entertainment systems.

Why is my DVD player not responding to the remote control?

Press any key on the keypad to release any stored current, then take the batteries out of the remote control. Replace the batteries with new ones or test the batteries to ensure they are both fully charged, if possible. Put the remote control’s batteries back in the right way

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