Onn Soundbar Remote Codes

If you have an Onn Soundbar and need an Onn Soundbar universal remote code to program your player, The codes below are described in this article The list below includes several remote control codes for the Onn Soundbar. For each device, we gave more than one code. So kindly try another code if one of the codes doesn’t work. The code is often a 4-digit number.

One of the best-known Soundbar brands on the market is Onn. Since an Onn Soundbar is a Bluetooth device, you can usually use it with your smartphone. However, you can program the Soundbar using a universal remote if, for any reason, you are unable to operate it with your device.

Before you can use the code, you must understand how to set up your universal remote control to function with your Onn Soundbar. The instructions for setting up an ONN Soundbar with a universal remote control are provided here as well.

4 Digit Universal Remote Control Codes For ONN Soundbar

  •  0193
  •  0247
  •  0067
  •  1067
  •  1193
  •  0698
  •  0586

One for all Universal Remote Codes For ONN Soundbar

  •  0067

How to Program Universal Remote Control for ONN Soundbar

  • Turn on your ONN Soundbar system.
  • Face the ONN Soundbar you want to program while holding your universal SOUNDBAR remote.
  • On your universal remote, locate the ‘Menu’ option. Select “Program Remote” from the menu under “Settings,” then select “Sound or any other device you want to program.
  • The little light will blink four times if you follow the steps correctly. Pick one of the above codes for your device and input it when it does. Once you enter the right code, the button light will turn off. If not, try a different code.
  • Use any of the remote control’s function keys. If it functions, you followed the instructions correctly. Follow the procedure once more and try a different code if it doesn’t work.

How to program codes for the Onn Soundbar Universal Remote

We’ve already covered the first way to program your universal remote to your Onn Soundbar. If the method does work, you can apply the alternative method.

  • The first step is to find the PROG button on your remote control and depress it until a little LED light appears.
  • Select the “Soundbar” menu item.
  • Find the proper Soundbar code for the Onn Soundbar above, and then type it into the appropriate field.
  • You know you entered the proper code if the light turns off after you enter it.

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